My name is Richy and my hobby is CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). That means I am creating images from 3D Meshes I create in 3D Software. I have some basic knowledge in most of the stuff but I am trying to specialise on creating game assets. This includes character creation, texturing, rigging and animating so it can be used in Games. I am always happy to help motivated people with cool ideas and challenges for me.

My Story

I have drawn all my live so thats maybe the point where everything has started. With about 10 years old my father mentioned the software Blender which I tried, but stopped, because I wasn't able to understand anything.

Some time later I got interested in the creation of movies and I started on creating some stupid picturestories. When I got 13 years (about 2011) old I looked at 'Blender' again and I was excited about how much I was able to understand now and started learning that software. I think the reason, that I wasn't able to use Blender the first time was because of my english skills back then. I got very excited about very simple things. While getting better there weren't enough comments and critics so I could know what to focus on learning next, thats why I started to upload Animations on Youtube. I started to create profile pictures and logos for random People in Games as well. I started with coding around a little in Python for Blender and HTML/CSS for this Website as well.

There was a time where I was stucking in a hole with no ideas and inspration. It was because I was creating my stuff too fast in bad quality (took me quit some time to figure that out). But I was lucky and my school started some projects where I was able to presentate some things in better quality because of more motivation to make things better. In the Web I found people as well, where I helped out animationg a robot for a short movie.

Once again my school was nice enough to give the pupils the chance to have a praktika for two weeks. PIXOMONDO allowed me to go to them. And I'm still totally excited of what amount of experience you get to learn in just two weeks. I got to know the basics of the Maya Software. An employee teached me plenty of stuff and teached me to fight against lazyness and to focus on making things until they are perfect as well. I got to learn very much stuff about myself and what I'm doing bad.

After this praktika I decided to change to Maya, because of its international use and many possebilities. I wanted to get a stop to Blender so I started working on a big Project, which was only possible because of my new PC. It was an animation of a house in the moutains from a mod for the game 'Skyrim'. I was still too unexperienced and just started without enough planning. Thats why i got many performance problems at the end, because I even modeled things which weren't even visivle. Thats where I learned that not everything changes with a new PC. Well, the final animation was very good for my age and i was very proud of it and still am. You can look for it here: Grey Ledge Manor.

Then I started using Maya. Even though it has so many features it is very buggy and can bring me up to frustration. After getting used to Maya I wanted to make something bigger and try to reach the quality I reached in Blender with my Grey ledge Manor. Thats why I made that Ohmushell from the movie "Nausicaa from the Valley of the Winds" by Studio Ghibli. After some time I somehow got interested in Game Meshes. I started sculpting in ZBrush, to get better better Textures and shapes for my LowPolyMeshes. And now I am training sculpting the human body, for better Game Mesh results.

Last Updated 1.02.2015