Website Rework

I had to rework my website once again. While the old website I had worked decently well, it was hard to maintain. Failures happened so rarely, that everytime something happened I had to relearn everything to get it working again. So now I switched to the a common approach of just putting all the data in a git repository and then updating the site using a static site gernerator.

In my case I use Astro now. I started from a template that I kept modifying, to fit my needs. My experience has been quite positive. I am more flexible as it doesn’t force me to marry one frontend framework. During development the webiste is automatically updated (even though it’s statically generated). It’s lightweight and it’s not so complex that I feel uncomfortable with not knowing what the generator actually does. I had no troubles setting it up on another machine. The only problems I had were when there were some typos regarding markdown frontmatter parameters, the error messages were not very clear on where to look. However the fact, that on build the entire website is checked (as long as there is no js) the result is going to work, because every error is spotted.